Sunday 13 November 2016

For newly admitted student: How to pay for your acceptance fee and other vital infos. See details!!

For newly admitted students of the University of Benin, here is the procedure on how to pay your acceptance fee and proceed for clearance....

1. On the Menu, click on “My data” select “Payment” option then click on “Add online payment ticket” button. Select from the Payment Category, Acceptance Fee and click on “Create Ticket” button and then click the link under Payment ID. 
2. Click on the “College Pay” button to view payment details and click the “Submit” button to proceed with the payment through Inter-switch payment gateway. 
3. Select your ATM Card type: Verve or Master Card and supply the card details (card number, expiration date, 4-digit PIN etc) as required. 
4. Then click on “PAY” button. 10. If payment is successful, an acceptance slip will appear on the screen. Copy the “Clearance Activation Code” on the acceptance payment slip. 
5. Click on “My Data” on the menu and select “Clearance data” option. Enter your “Clearance Activation Code” to open your Clearance/Eligibility form.

For breakdown of payments for newly admitted students- click on the link below
NOTE:  It is more advisable to visit a cyber cafe to perform the above task, though its simple. Any mistake made can be costly for you and your admission so take care. Secondly, the University of Benin has not yet announced that payments for acceptance fee has commenced, but its good to know how the payments are made. Thirdly, the documents usually required for the clearance are as follows

a. “O‟ level Certificates and Statements of „O‟ level results from the schools
b. Birth Certificate or Declaration of Age 
c. Acceptance Letter 
d. Guarantor‟s Letter 
e. Affidavit of Good Conduct 
f. Affidavit of Non-Membership of Secret Cults g. JAMB & UNIBEN offer of Provisional Admission slips.
Though the University has not yet released the official documents yet, but the above documents has been in use during clearance for newly admitted students. Once the University officially release the memo for the documents and commencements for payments of acceptance fee, you will be rightly informed via this platform.

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Hip Hop said...

Thanks i will check always

Anonymous said...

are we supposed to get our GCE statement of result....if we're combining results??!

Unknown said...
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Anonymous said...

Author help us check if the admission is by batch so we world know where to place our hope

Anonymous said...

please will there be another batch of admission list

Ejini Emmanuel said...

The issue of second batch has earlier been addressed on this page. Second batch is not yet out. because they are still compiling. keep checking your page for the new notice.