Friday 7 October 2016

HOSTEL MATTERS: SUG Sends letter to the Vice Chancellor over welfare of Uniben Students. READ HERE

Yesterday the Students Union Government Safe Impact Excos sent a letter to the Vice Chancellor of the University of Benin over the welfare of UNIBEN Students on Hostel Matters. Read the letter below.....


It is with disappointment that we write to notify management of the blatant disregard for the welfare of UNIBEN Students 
On the part of the Dean of Students for failing to make adequate preparation for the accommodation of UNIBEN students.

We there call on our amiable Vice-Chancellor to mandate the Students Affairs Division Through the Dean of Students to 

1, Provide students with relaible information as to the method of Hostel application.
2. Make all payments payable online.
3. Ensure that the Hostel appication begins properly within 24 hours.
4. To call for a meeting with Students Union Government within 24 hours

Failure to heed to the above, Students Union Government leaders should not be held liable for whatever becomes of the peace of the University community as Students are already agitating for protests to register their displeasure.

Attached to ths updates are Bulletins form the office of the Dean of Students confirming the fact that adequate
preparation was not and yet been made to provide students with accommodation.

Vice chancellor
Deputy Vice chancellor
Chief Security Officer
Head of Intelligence
Head of Crime
Head of Oparations
The entire UNIBEN Students

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