Saturday 1 October 2016

Hostel Application Saga: Students expresses dissatisfaction over application method (PHOTOS)

Yesterday, the Students union Government Public relations officer in the person of Hon.Ikotu Gideon Kelechi while carrying out his duty of informing the students of the University of Benin
posted about the updates of Hostel application for 2016/2017 Session. (CLICK HERE TO READ THE UPDATE). Some Uniben stallites expressed dissatisfaction over the fact that the 2016/2017 session application for hostel is going be manual. This is because last session(2015/2016) application for hostel was done online. And now we are still going back manual application. 
For the benefit of those who may not know the process of manual hostel application e.g(Soon to become freshers) here is a quick gist of how it is.
Manual Hostel application are really stressful, this is because of long queues,long hours of standing under the scotching heat of the sun e.t.c. Usually it starts from paying the hostel application fee at Unity bank. Thereafter going to access bank to pay for S.U.G Dues fees. Then you proceed with your tellers and photocopies to the Student affairs Building to apply. All this and more are part of the manual application.
 But when the online application was introduced. Students could apply for hostel from their portal page. The only problem encountered was that many applicants(Students) level didn't change on time via their page, it also made students run to the main auditorium, ICT center and Students Affairs Division with their school fees print outs just to change their level . And as a result not every applicants(Students) were able to get spaces at the School hostels.

Below are Screenshots from Students who expressed their opinion on the matter.

Our dear Stallites whats your opinion???

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