Wednesday 5 October 2016

HOSTEL APPLICATION SAGA: Dean of Students said Spaces will be available for 100 and 400 level Students, But here is what the S.U.G did!!!

While others are complaining about the application process. There was a problem but thankfully it has been resolved. Information reaching UNIBENGIST as of yesterday, that the
new Dean of Students has said that this session's hostel application will provide spaces for only 100 level and 400 level students of the University of Benin.

The Student Union Government (S.U.G) safe impact exco's had a meeting with Dean of Students at his office yesterday evening to discuss this issue. Thanks to God, the outcome of the meeting was positive and can be regarded successful.
The resolution therefore is that there will be spaces for all levels. 

More details about the application process and the fee will be brought to you via this platform.

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Anonymous said...

What is the SUG doing this year. Are they conniving with the school authority concerning hostel space allocation? Last session was smooth. With the change of dean of students this year and the new dean drawing back the school to manual system of hostel booking, we are observing a lot of irregularities. It is no more first come, rather, we see double allocation to some connected single students and allocation of space to some students who did not apply for space. Please SUG should deal with this situation and not drag the good name of the school to the muds. Thank you.