Thursday 15 September 2016

Uniben SUG President advises students on what to do since resumption has been shifted. Read Here

Special greetings to all Uniben Intellectuals.Hope the holidays  are going smoothly? Yes it has been confirmed that we are to resume on the 7th of October, it
therefore means our holiday is now longer. I will strongly advise that we learn a new thing. Learn something new, gain new skills, read new books, and against all odds never kill ur dreams, keep the fire burning.
Nevertheless ,let's keep striving to make sure we attain greater heights. Make diligence  a watchword.
Our economy is not smiling at all, but let's develop our entrepreneurial skills as entrepreneurship is the in thing now. This is the time to launch out these entrepreneurial skills.

I believe you got potentials that can be tapped. use ur talents well.  Develop urself.
Our interest is to make impact and dis is our drive. We will attain our goals if we work together in unity.

We love u all and wish u well always.
With love from me,
Obakpolo Lauretta
SUG President.

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