Saturday 18 June 2016

Music as a tool for solving social vices- FRANTZY FANON

    Music, apart from being a popular form of entertainment, can have both negative and positive effetcs depending on the wordings. It is sad to say that most of
what we have as modern day music is not fit for the discerning ear.
         However, carefully selected musical works can work wonders as a tool for solving social vices.
         Years back,  it was erroneously believed that music was for social failures, miscreants, dropouts and the dregs of society hence investigations show that influential parents whose children chose to be musicians those days did not give their blessings as it was the wish of the parents that those children become doctors, lawyers and other prestigious professionals. 

         The new edition of the Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English defines a vice as bad habits, criminal, inhuman and immoral activities, drugs, etc. A careful examination of some wisely composed music lyrics will attest to the fact that music can act as a veritable tool for solving social vices. 

         A careful analysis of the track "WAR" by Robert Nesta Marley a.k.a Bob Marley released in 1976 reveals that the artiste says that until certain discriminatory tendencies like racial discrimination, so-called first class and second class citizens, inequality of human rights,  etc,  until these are jettisoned, there will always be war. This song condemns racism in it's entirety. It sends a message to the ruling class and the youths who are used to perpetuate these crimes. 

         The track "FROM AUGUST TOWN" by Duane Stephenson released in 2007 enumerates how 'guns and ammunition were the singer's way of life', after taking the listener through the hard times he faced,  he ended by saying "I'm a living proof proof that crime doesn't pay". This statement is meant to discourage anyone from going into crime. 

         Timi Dakolo's "GREAT NATION" inspires a feeling of unity and togetherness thereby shunning indolence and tribalism. 

         A couple of years back, a song by Patoranking titled "BORA" (which featured Olamide) did well to bring to the fore the bad consequences of bleaching the skin.
         Some other notable songs like Illbliss's "DIFFERENT KIND OF WAR", M.I Abaga's "ANOTHER MAN" as well as "FREE THINKER" by rapper, A-Q have also in their own ways played parts towards the curbing and shunning of social vices in our society today. 

         It is pertinent that we be selective in the type of music we listen to. Listening to good and sensible music will convey to the listener a sense of relaxation, a sense of belonging to a nation, a sense of unity, hatred for stealing, thuggery, prostitution and other social vices. Good music will inspire  in the listener the zeal to hold himself out positively in the society and to impart positively on others.
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