Wednesday 6 April 2016

"Pen Of Sage":The poem is titled -THERE SHE GOES

There she goes
Wallowing my 3rd senses,
Her beauty paves up angry foes,
 But to me,her attitude is a blessing,
With love from me to you,a check goal,

See her face taunting my innermost chemistry,
Happy will i turn you being a clown,
Seeing  you i ain't vouching for any priests,
And others guys fleeting with their drone,

A body of a goddess
With a hip like an hour glass
Her lips painted like Bastile's fortress,
Her hair well designed and can cause an electric spark,

The one who pops  up my brain,
Deceptive you moved and i couldn't keep up a step,
Your friends thought me a foolish brain-drain,
But i pledge my love for you without care,

Sometimes i begin to wonder,
How God created you,
Of course He never makes a blunder,
 But how rare you are this cool,
Even nature begins to surrender with thunder,
Anytime your beauty is being  clued,
And now i can spread my hands with borders,
Because your love has ousted me a big fool,

There she goes
An angel without a dark wand,
A chip of a Berg,
 With a smile that can shrink off Beemuda
Come cuddle me like a lactating toddler,
Her royal sweetness,come taje me sail to Jupiter,

We will be bring more of this to you. Stay glued and enjoy..

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