Monday 14 March 2016

Massive Uproar in Hall 1 and 2(Girls Hostel)

Few minutes ago there was an uproar in the Female hall of Residence Hall 1 and Hall 2.
The issue there was that the students occupying hall 1 and hall 2 were asked to vacate their rooms for some medical students coming from other Universities. Those in block D in hall 1 were asked to move into other blocks. While in Hall 2 those occupying Block A and B were asked to move to other Blocks.

The reason for the order by the management is based on the NIMSA Games which is hosted by the University of Benin from 14th to 20th, March 2016. The medical students coming from other schools are to occupy the blocks which is to be made vacant. The girls refused, all effort by the Management to calm the girls down proved futile. Until an announcement was made by the S.U.G president Hon. Raymond that the matter has been resolved and the girls are to move no more.
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De Political Animal said...

Sir you fail to mentioned the effort of our own comrade Oguche Divine