Monday 7 March 2016

Massive Uproar by Hall 3 boys over the closure of toilet

Today, the students in hall 3 moved in mass over the closure of the toilets in the hostel. They poured out their anger on the potter's of hall 3 demanding to
know why the toilet is still closed up till now.
The PEO of Hall 3 and the potter's including some security men were on ground to answer the angry crowd.
On the part of the PEO of Hall 3, he explained that some of the toilets in the various blocks are yet to be completed while others are yet to be inspected by the contractors. Still yet, the angry crowd refused to listen to the plea of the PEO to bear with them.
Some students had to explain the problem they face due to the closure of the toilet. It almost led to fight among students, but the security men were on ground to ensure that nothing of such happens.

The PEO had to tell the boys of Hall 3 that he has put a call to the Dean of Students.

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De Political Animal said...

Dearest friend you are doing a good job and I must really confess you are inspiring me indirectly
Try to make your news more comprehensive and when you post online make sure people are aware of your post
This is my promise to uniben gist, I am going to make your blog known all over uniben via TORCH NEWS and other means

Ejini Emmanuel said...

Thanks De Political animal