Friday 12 February 2016

Read TG Banks message on the wedlock of the gods

TG banks and the House of epitome really appreciates your brace and encouragement in the various programs staged thus far under our auspies,
from comedy vandaam 1, to Epitome of Dance 1 down to comedy Vandaam 2 and Epitome of Dance 2 and Recently Miss Uniben.

This is to clear the notion percieved by persons that TG banks or the House of Epitome is responsible for the staging of the wedlock of the Gods owing to the the failure of the invited guest artiste. PHYNO to turn up due to some circumstaces.

I, TG banks was just contracted as the Mc of the occasion.

However, i give full credits to Elsa play House for a fine staging and execution of the occasion.

     Watch out for Comedy Vandaam 3.

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