Wednesday 27 January 2016

Top Major Reasons Why You Run Out Of Cash So Fast And How To Control It.

This is one problem majority of us are facing and are finding it so difficult to control.

I will want you to put this at the back of your mind as we proceed that, money runs off so quickly gradually.

It is in your little expenses that your money gets exhausted. Let's take a vivid illustration,
if you have 500naira with you for instance,you might have the intention of keeping it but
• it is from your 100naira recharge card,
• 100 photocopy of materials,
• 50naira gala and 1 pepsi
• 100naira give away etc. That exhaust your money.

As you are spending this things, it will look little and you will always think there is still money unknowing that your pocket is getting dry.

The Question Now Is How Do We Correct This ?

To everything you want to do, the willingness must first come from your mind. This is the biggest drive you can ever get to press forward.


One thing very certain is that our needs are always piling but the mistake we often make is that immediately we get any money in cash, we dash out to satisfy our wants immediately without a second thought.

Before you make any purchase with any money you get, you need to plan first. There is high need for you to seat and effectively plan how to spend.

There is great need for equal distribution,
attend to what you need first and not your want, you should never spend because a friend is doing so. Plan yourself and how you want to spend.

2. Value Savings :-

One thing we mostly fail to do is putting savings in mind. When you are always with the mindset of having something left in the bank, you will be concious of spending.

We need to know that tomorrow will definitely come with its own problem, so when we eat with all our five fingers, we are just digging a pit for ourself.

3. Accountability :-

You must always account for everything you do with your money. Its important we get this that it is what ever become part of you now that will remain with us even when we grow. If you don't know how to manage or spend your own money well, your can never keep others money.

Accountability is very important because it will help you manage your spendings.
• State out what you have bought
• Make the calculations
• Know if its really worth it
• Decide weather to follow the pattern or quit it.

5. Get A Bank Account :-

May I put it to you that there is no way you will hold money in raw cash and overcome the temptation of spending it.

Putting your money in the bank is the best option you can opt in for. When your money is kept in the bank it is sometime difficult for you to go and make withdraws, even sometimes, you will want to watch it accumulate.

6. Be Principled/ Disciplined :-

When you are principled and disciplined, it becomes easier for you to get your eyes off attractive things.

It takes a principled and disciplined person to make a descicion of savings and uphold it.

It is not everything you see you go for, or not everything you want that you need.

You must take up the life of the ants, eat or spend little and save more. This is because a time is coming that you might become broke and the only thing you will have to bounce back to is your savings.

But what if you have NONE ??? 

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