Friday 1 January 2016

New Year notice from the UNIBEN SUG

We the entire Excos of the Students' Union Government are not unhappy to welcome you to the new year as it is our custom to    obey the biblical standard of rejoicing with those that are rejoicing.

After series of meetings held by the Union to decide on the gifts for our esteemed students, below were the assertions and the good will messages reached by the various offices.
1. Mr President in is usual style says: I WISH U ALL A PRESTIGIOUS YEAR AHEAD!!!
2. Madam V. P said: hmmm i wish u all Victory personalified year ahead.
3. The Attorney General due to is many experiences  over the years in bailing our students out of the police station said : i wish ur all a police problem free year ahead.. Lol
4. Sec Gen  said : i wish u all a Secured year ahead.  He also said he is still capable of securing the General Interest of the students especially the females!!!
5.A.S.G  said : i wish u all  ASTONISHED blessings from above he also sent his greetings to the ekenwa family
6. Dir of Welfare said: i wish u all a welfaric year ahead starting from today. He also said he has subsidize the price of meat in markets and had given order that all UNIBEN students eat meat free of charge today (thanks to our welfarist)
7.The PRO is simply wishing you all a PRODUCTIVE year ahead... Dont forget WE still BE BRETHREN...
8. Dir Of Finance said : i will you a financially empowered year ahead   he said 2016 is financially carried.
9. Dir Of Sport in his usual Manner of Sportsmanship he said i wish u all an energetic and healthy year AHEAD.  He said it is paramount we exercise to keep fit for the new year.
10. Dir Of Socials said : I wish you all a Socialized year ahead.  He also noted that we should make good friends that will change our lives this year

The above were the resolutions reached After series of meetings. It should also be noted that the above wishes were prayed upon to ensure it all come to pass.

The SUG want to finally say WE LOVE AND ESTEEM  You all.  Thanks for your undying corporation.

In conclusions i will say lets there not be strive amongst us i pray thee between the males and the females in this new year for WE still BE BRETHREN.
   .... always live to remember that UNIBEN IS DIVINE

Oguche Divine Omale
Students ' Spokesman
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