Tuesday 26 January 2016

Interview Session with the Winner of the UNIBEN ULTIMATE SEARCH

Uniben Gist had an interview session with the winner of the Ultimate Search Season one. Read Below...

Uniben Gist: Kindly introduce yourself.

Ultimate Winner: My name is Prosper Agunu. A 300 Level Banking & Finance Student.

Uniben Gist: What prompted you to get the form and be a participant of the UNIBEN ULTIMATE SEARCH?

Ultimate Winner: Ultimate Search is a type of competition I have always loved, since when I was a kid. So when I heard about the Uniben Ultimate Search. I thought it was an opportunity for me to gain the experience.

Uniben Gist: From what we know so far about Gulder Ultimate Search, we know the auditions comprises of Physical Fitness, swimming e.t.c How were you able to Conquer the training and auditions?

Ultimate Winner: I knew that I may not have the muscles, but at least I had the willingness to go for it. I also knew that I can go for whatever I want if I had the passion for it. That was my driving force. Also my faith in God counted..

Uniben Gist: If It was your passion that led you to be the winner, What do you have to say to someone who has the passion to go for something but does not have the necessary things needed. What suggestion will you give to the person?

Ultimate Winner: The Ultimate thing is God, just put your faith in God because what ever you have to do you need to put God first. As for passion, I think your passion should be your driving force. Just take a look at me, I don't have any muscles. When I went for the competition, I met many guys that had muscles doing push up and everything. I felt so intimidated, but I gave myself hope. So my advice to you is that "if you want to go for something just have the passion for it. Don't look at other people and get discouraged. And no matter what, if you want to be at the TOP just be yourself.

Uniben Gist: What are some of the challenges you faced apart from the physical training, was there anything like puzzle.

Ultimate Winner: Well, it was a combination of everything. For the physical task I do not have the strength, but for the other part were we had to use our mental abilities I was able to conquer it. That was what brought me to the top. The guys were all showing their strength but when it came to the intellectual and mental part, they were all flopping.

Uniben Gist: How were you able to merge the search with you academic activities?

Ultimate Winner: Thank God for the wisdom the metro team applied. Normally for the Gulder Ultimate Search you will have to go and stay there for like three months. But for us, they knew we are students. So they gave us weekends, we go on Saturdays, come back and have our normal student activities. Then for the voting, we meet our coursemates and people around to vote for us.

Uniben Gist: What do you have to say to Uniben and the Metro team?

Ultimate Winner: I will say a big thank you to God Almighty for the Grace. While for the metro team, I want to say thank you for organizing such a search. Then for the Vice Chancellor, I want to thank him for misplacing his Portrait.

Uniben Gist: It was nice hanging out with you..

Ultimate Winner: My pleasure

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