Monday 11 January 2016

Current happenings on campus- Oguche Divine (SUG P.R.O)

There is no gainsaying to the fact that the price of things have gone high over the recent days on campus, e. g Bread, Sachet water, shuttle, Photocopying increment and so on.

However, it should be noted that after series of meetings with the various faculty heads and departmental leaders,  the SUG has taken the matter up to the management and our stand is NO TO INCREMENT
With the just concluded meeting  with the school management, the SUG is bold to mention the following points to the entire Students:

* Sachet water is now back to 5 naira
* Bread back to 50 naira
* Shuttle remains at 50 due to the challenges faced by this drivers due to the situation of the country.
* Photocopy issue is pending awaiting meeting with the operators on campus

After all said and done,  the SUG wants to use this medium to apologize to the students for the inconveniences faced so far as we are always ready to fight for you.

The above prices, will take effect from tomorrow Tuesday 12th 2016  in every area of the school environment. Contrary retailers should be reported.

Please for those in 100level also note that matriculation has been postponed by a week. Tell ur friends and family.

Note that Every of the above points is a HIT BACK TO BACK from pure water to bread to shuttle fee... F!!k da St!t!!!!  Students ti take over.

In conclusions i will say lets there not be strive amongst us i pray thee between the males  and the females BTW the students and the management over increment for WE BE BRETHREN.
 ...... Always live to remember that UNIBEN IS DIVINE

Oguche Divine Omale
Student's Spokesman
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