Wednesday 30 December 2015

Guides On How To Secure Admission To A University in 2016

It is a thing of Joy to gain admission into any university.  Most people say that gaining admission in Nigerian institutions is not a child play.
The facts still remains that, if you know how to play your cards well,you will definitely secure your admission. Those getting admission are not specially made. 

Here are some mistakes that applicants often make on yearly basis which ends up becoming a stumbling block for them to secure admission.
We have students that read(JACK) and in time past we have Students that score high in there jamb but when it is time for post ume they are unable to secure admission. Have you ever asked yourself 

Fortunately for the applicants,  jamb in its discretion has  giving various applicants the opportunity to choose 2 institutions each, unlike last year were applicants were to choose one each.

Applicants can now choose

• Two university
• Two polytechnics
• Two college of education etc

This is the more reason why you must gain admission next year 2016, because there is a great opportunity... 

Below are the basic guides to follow to gain admission in 2016. please read carefully..

1] Select The Right Institution :-

This is where the main problem lies and this is where most people get it wrong. When you pick the wrong institution,the foundation of everything is automatically weak. You don't choose institutions because your friends are there. Not because the institution is beautiful or top ranking but how easy it is to enter. Uniben for example is a school which all students admire and  will like to gain admission into it
When you want to pick an institution,there are somethings to consider which are.

  • Which institution do i want to Go?
  • Why do i want to go there?
  • What is their JAMB cut off mark?
  • What is their Post UTME Cut off Mark?
  • What are their requirements?
  • How many students apply for them?
  • How many students do they admit in a year?
  • Are they schools that favor their indigenes?
  • How are they considerate?

You need to consider the above listed points before choosing your institution.You need to point out their requirements and see if you can meet up. 

Do you know that in most cases you get high advantage when you choose your state school.
Sometimes you might even need to check around you. Though brilliance is a necessity but don't squeeze yourself into an institution that has over 100,000 applicants a year and want to admit just 8,000 students only.But If you are convinced to go for it, you can but a school that you know will require less stress will be advisable.

2] Choose The Right Course :-

This is also one vital part to consider while struggling to secure your admission. The course you pick is very important. This is where you need to bring your choice of institution and course together to compare and contrast.
Check the institution you want to pick and see the percentage of people that usually opt in for that course you want to go for and how many will they admit for that department. Try as much as possible to know details about the department including their cut off mark.

After doing this,you will know if you can beat it or opt in for another course. You can even go for that same course in another institution where there is lower bid for the course.

3] Beat Your Exams Score:-

Be certain that you automatically get disqualified for university when you score below cut off and same for the polytechnic.
This is where the real job start from. You must be able to leave your choice of institution with no choice but to admit you.
When your jamb score is on point then the game is on. 
All you need to do is get the necessary resources. Sort your Past Question and solve them. 

4] Create The Plan B :- 

Most people are not aware of this. Do you know that there are some schools that allows you to do their post utme or even buy their form without necessarily picking them in jamb?

You can opt in for chances like this. Create various chances for yourself and definitely,one should work out well.

5] Get yourself Updated :-

This is another area where most people fail. You need to follow up everything after your exams. Try as much as possible to get the right information at the right time. Nobody will bring information for you, you will have to look for yourself. Get to know people because
 No one is an island,if you depend on yourself alone,your result might be less effective.

6] Prayer :-

This is very very important, After preparation you need to commit everything into the hands of God. Commit the hearts of those who are in charge of offering admission to his hands,pray that you obtain favour from them.

If you can follow this guide, be sure of your admission in 2016.

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• Your admission shall not pass you by in jesus name ..
• Your shall obtain favour from all those that will offer the admission... AMEN


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