Thursday 29 October 2015

Hostel Application Saga - S.U.G P.R.O Oguche Divine

There is no gainsaying that information has gone so viral concerning the commencement of the online hostel application.

Please note that the secular that was passed  from the office of the Dean of students was to sensitise the students as regard the modus operandi  (the process of application) in which the application will go.
The secular was to intimate  and guide the students as to the process involve in the online application therefore mastering the process in order not to confront difficulty in time of application.
Please kindly note that Hostel accommodation has not started as whatsoever u hear now about its commencement are just mare rumor and mis-information. #Unibengist
However please be rest assure that adequate information will be passed before the commencement of application so as to give every uniben student equal opportunity to start application at same time. #unibengist
On the above note, kindly discard any information contrary.
Thanks for ur understanding,  God bless.
In conclusion, I will say again let there not be strife between UNIBEN students and our NEIGHBOURS for We Be Brethren
....... always live to remember that UNIBEN IS DIVINE.
Once again thanks alot

Oguche Divine Omale
Student's Spokesman

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