Monday 14 September 2015

To my Facebook friends- by Moses. R. Eromose

This year 2015 Makes it exactly 11 years since the invention of Facebook, which has over the years become one of the top social media website for both the old and young at heart, 
I sincerely believe that the creation of Facebook has brought in a well development and advancement to the world at large in respect to how information has been disseminated and also how people get in touch with one another. But then, there are some persons who make Facebook appear like a curse.

What do I mean?
For some weeks now the pictures and news that has taken a major part of my timeline on Facebook has been one form of negativity or the other, things that are meant to be censored and taken away from the public, scene of graphic accident and images of terrible things.

I’m force to ask myself, don’t this people see better things to post about other than graphic images of an accident scene or how someone’s leg was chopped off in an accident? Many of the images were being uncensored which pose a lot of question about the “censorship on Facebook” which has been a major discourse in Nigeria.

Some of the post comes with an annoying and outrageous captions like “if you don’t want this things to happen to you type amen”, and some set of people I called “Facebook Christians” will quickly and religiously type amen.

I begin to wonder if it is the “amen” you type on those post on Facebook that would prevent  such things from happening to you, and on a second thought, are this guys trying to get some form of popularity on Facebook taking advantage of the fact that Nigerians are too religious? If that is the case, then it’s a cheap publicity.

In my own perspective, what posts like that does in the long run is putting fear in the hearts of the readers and viewers. That’s why, you see 1000 amen on a post like that, this are amen that is written out of fear creating panic that such things should not happen to them. 

The other day a friend was telling me of a post (graphic image and a story) he saw on the internet about how a lady bit off her follow lady’s nipple in a fight (this is wired!).

 I couldn’t imagine the scene and I don’t even want to. It is cruel. The disturbing thing about this post is that it was uncensored.

Please if at all you have to post such a story with a graphic image try to censor it because some of this uncensored image can be really disturbing.
Like I said earlier, all this ends up putting fear in the heart of people.

How would you react when you log in your account on Facebook to get updates around the world and the first 10 posts are all about negativity and disturbing images?

 Choose not to be a part of the problem but rather a part of the solution. Use your post to bless lives and be that change agent via the social media.