Monday 7 September 2015

How to make good grades in the University

In the University of Benin or any University in Nigeria, you need to know that your grade in each course you offer will determine if you are going to graduate with a First class, 2nd class upper, 2nd class lower, third class and pass.

Grades can mean the difference between graduating and being left behind, between a well paying job and getting only a minimum wage etc. Test result can reveal areas of strength and weakness of individual and act as motivating incentives for future study.
The following are ways of making good grades in the university:                                                          
Take responsibility of Learning:
University students often blame lecturers for failures while crediting themselves with success. This shifting of blame is frequently unjustified; it is often due to laziness, lack of motivation and lack of determination on the part of the student. Good students take responsibility for their learning and their failure.

 Have the Right Study Environment: You will benefit from a quiet place when you want to study. If you cannot find a comfortable place at home, try a public library or a friend’s home. If possible use a desk or table with much space on which to spread out your work. And please, turn off your TV or Radio, you cannot serve two masters at the same time.

  Follow a Time and Routine: Most students discover that a routine or pattern of doing things is helpful in getting results. They use such MNEMONIC system as SQ3R (survey, questions, read, review, recite) etc in studying. Survey means glancing through the assigned material, noting subheadings, charts etc in order to get an overall view. Questions means making questions based on chapter titles or topic sentences. Read means reading the material with view to making it a part of you and answering the questions formed earlier. Review means scanning headings and testing your mastery of each section. Reciting means telling yourself from memory what you have just read without looking your books or study cards.

  Handling Test and Examinations: When you are told that there will be a on a certain date or when examination time-table comes out, do not become apprehensive. Never be intimidated by anyone (whether a lecturer or a student) into dreading test or examination.

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