Friday 21 August 2015

Where talent, couldn't get you, the right attitude would. By Jatto. O. Franca.

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Where talent, certificate couldn’t get you, the right attitude would. By Jatto. O. Franca

Key Words: Talent, Certificate, Attitude (patience, self-worth, dignity)
Just like Lou Holtz, the outstanding college football coach, observed, “You’ve to have great athletes to win…you can’t win without good athletes, but you can lose with them.”

But it also takes more than talented people to win.
 Each and every one of us will find ourselves working in one organization or the other and you must have this in mind that good attitude doesn’t guarantee the success of an organization, there are other factors that needs to be taken into consideration but bad attitudes can guarantee its failure. Bad attitude is like a flat tire, if you don't change it your are not going anywhere. President Thomas Jefferson said something “Nothing can stop the man with the right mental attitude from achieving his goal; nothing on earth can help the man with the wrong mental attitude.”
In this write up I will be discussing some key basic attitudes. The list is inexhaustible but will be limiting myself to just this three (3). These are:
1. Patience;
2. Dignity; and
3. Self-worth.

Talent can be said to be a natural ability to do something well. One can have a talent in singing or a talent in baking. Talent is said to be a gift from God.
Certificate is an official document that may be used to prove that have completed a course of study or passed an exam. E.g. SSCE, BSE, M.Sc. etc.

Patience: is the ability to stay calm and accept a delay or something annoying without complaining. Been patient gives you (that unemployed) to stay calm and accept the delay and gives you reason to believe it might have been allowed by God (Supreme Being). When an individual is not patient towards achieving his goal it might lead to frustration, desperation which could lead to committing suicide and other social vices like armed robbery, child trafficking, insurgency (insecurity) etc. and most likely lead to a failed life or even death.

 Dignity: is a sense of your own importance and value. Dignity makes an individual to have a sense of value and you are willing to accept your current condition and desire to excel by keeping strictly to your value and dignity. For example prostituting before getting a job which is deeming to your dignity as a lady. Your dignity speaks of an individual especially when faced in a fix or in urgent need for survival.

Self-worth: is a feeling of confidence in yourself that you are a good and useful person. This is synonymous to self-esteem. Self-worth. This regards to an individual perspectives of yourself. If you say you are never going to go above SSCE you won’t, an individual has the ability to speak life and call forth success and promotion in his or her life. Life may pour dust on you as an individual to dust it out and stand tall and keep fighting is for you to decide.
Having the right attitude is all an individual need to excel either using your talent or certificate. The right attitude influences your reaction to circumstances you may face as a result of following your passion (talent) or getting the desired job you feel you are qualified for.
We may have the opportunity of having a good certificate or a good singing career (talent) but when with the wrong attitude all that can be lost.

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