Saturday 29 August 2015

How to deal with failure and reach your desired success

Most of us fear failure so much that often when it eventually happens we feel so devastated and lose our motivation. What we usually forget is that “Failure is success in progress,” according to Albert Einstein.

Many have failed to succeed not because they do not have what it takes to succeed but because they were unable to rise above their failures and reach out for success again.
Here are 5 ways you can deal with failure and reach your desired success;

1. See It The Right Way: When failure happens we easily tend to blame everything around us for it. Doing this will only make you shortsighted and keep you from learning what you ought to learn from it. Instead, accept your failure. This does not mean you should be ok with the failure. It means you should acknowledge that you’ve somehow gotten it wrong and need to find a way to make it right.
It is true that most times, failure makes us lose our composure. However, we need to see failure as an opportunity to learn and perform better next time.

2. Find And Learn The Lesson It Has To Teach: No matter how seemingly bad a failure may look like, there’s a lesson in it for us. After a failure, give yourself time to regain control over your emotions, (Most of us seem to lose it in such situations) then look back at how you came to where you are now with the intention of finding out what went wrong. Failures and mistakes can hand us valuable lessons, discoveries and experiences that you may not learn ordinarily at that point. Someone once said, “Fail Fast, Learn Fast.”

3. Do Not Lose Your Focus: If you can still keep focus and dream alive, you will still get there regardless of the short-term mishaps. Give yourself a reason, a motivation to go on. Someone once said, “When you feel like quitting, think about why you started.” There was a reason you started. There was a motivation that got you going. You can’t give up now so keep your focus and dream alive.

4. Learn From Those Who Made It: It is possible that someone has done successfully or doing successfully what you are trying to do. Speak to someone who can share some valuable information on how he or she made it at last. Listen and read about the shared experiences of successful people.

5.Re-Strategize And Hit At It Again: Based on what you’ve learnt is time to re-strategize and reach for success again. Re-strategizing, positions you to perform better. It is all about identifying your mistakes and figuring out how to conquer it and reach your desired destination. However, to reach that destination you need to try again and keep trying until you get there. Remember, a knock down is not a knock out. You are only completely knocked out when you stop trying

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