Monday 17 August 2015

Amazing Secrets To Pass Post UTME Easily & Get Admission

The University of Benin Post utme 2015 is about to start. I am very sure that most of you if not all of you have seen your date, venue and time. This aptitude test is an extension of
the JAMB examination in which
candidates are expected to pass in order
to gain admission into any university
within Nigeria including the University of Benin.
it is important to know
that most students who passed JAMB
examination, ends up not passing their
Post UTME. It requires basic
preparations and strategies.
Take Note Of This Steps Below:-
1. BE FOCUS: Always put your mind
towards your goal either to be a lawyer,
engineer, accountant etc, always focus
on the goal you wish you achieve. #your goal.
2. READ YOUR BOOKS: Reading has always
been difficult for many student.
In Post UTME exams they only
focus on the subjects of the course you
intend studying, so it makes it easier for
you to study. Along with reading, study your post ume past questions and familiarize yourself with it. Don't not expect repeated question in the same format because it may be changed. # like you all know this exam will be in form of a Computer Base test(CBT). I believe by now you must have completed this step.

3. FEAR NOT: Fear is one of the greatest
killer for someone who wants to pass his
or her Post UTME, do not be intimidated
by the number of people you see writing
the same course with you, someone who
fear has already been defeated and has
already fail 89% of his or her Post UTME,
never you allow fear to over shadow you,
because someone who is afraid can
never concentrate, try and free your
mind, if possible sing inspirational
songs, speak to yourself, encourage and
give hope to yourself, if you are able to
remove fear in you, then you are already
on the road to success.
answering your questions make sure you
answer the ones you no first before
attempting to answer others.
Note: when answering your questions,
make sure you answer your english first
before moving to other subject, it is
believe and proof that english will help
to boost your score, because it is a
general subject and a language spoken
instructions in every exam, especially in
Post UTME exam, You have to follow the
instructions in other for your work to be
accepted, make sure you read the
instruction very well before you start
answering any question. Take along with you, your post ume print out.
6) Pray to God: This is the most important part. There is nothing God cannot do. Before going to the exam hall commit every thing in the hands of God, do the same thing after you are through with the exam
7) WISH YOU SUCCESS: If you can follow
there easy step, you will be admitted this
year (you will pass your Post UTME).


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